4 Creative Ways to Network at Conferences

4 Creative Ways to Network at Conferences

Whether you are a seasoned pro or new to the conference networking scene, you​’​​ve come to the right place. Networking at an event isn’t only about meeting new people but also connecting ​with ideas​ and​​ opportunities​. It is the go-to social activity for entrepreneurs, professionals, and anyone who strives to boost their career and create professional relationships. While conferences provide great networking opportunities, the key is ​to ​be​ prepared. This article will discuss ​four​ ways to network at conferences. Without any delay, let’s dive in.

Participate in Group Activities  

How often do you get the chance to be in the same room with like-minded people from all over the spectrum of your industry? Conferences allow you to learn about the newest philosophies and trends in the sector and share valuable insights.  

If you are someone who feels awkward and shy to step into a group or contribute to a conversation with strangers, participating in group activities is the best way to get comfortable with the environment and establish a strong and meaningful professional relationship. Therefore, make sure to take part in speed networking, targeted roundtables, panel discussions, workshops, and storytelling sessions.  

Use Social Media  

While you are at the networking conference, it is a great idea to check in on Facebook or LinkedIn, send out a tweet, or post something interesting on Instagram. If you have gotten a chance to take pictures, don’t forget to tag people when posting. You can also tag people you want to meet and leave compliments about the panel and conference on the event’s social media page. Use the event hashtags to increase engagement and make it easier for others to find you.  

Don’t Forget to Follow Up  

Building a strong and well-connected network isn’t a one-day job. It requires continuous effort and time. After coming home from the conference, take out all the business cards, and send customized follow-up emails within one day of the conference. You can also LinkedIn to send a generic invite. Even though an extra step, follow-ups work as the cherry on top of the cake, helping you establish and cultivate a new connection and seal a deal.  

Be Yourself!​ 

The most important rule of networking at conferences is to be yourself. Meeting highly qualified individuals and leaders in the industry can be overwhelming and make you feel like an outsider or someone who isn’t as successful as others. However, you must remember that you are at the networking event for a reason, and you reached the heights because you stayed true to your roots. Thus, try to maintain eye contact, smile, and have a positive attitude while connecting with fellow professionals from the industry.  

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