Top Real Estate Conferences and Summits in 2024

Discover the top Real estate conferences, seminars, summits and conventions in 2023-2024. Get the latest news on what's happening in the market and real estate industry. Learn from top investors, real estate brokers and more, while expanding your connections and growing your network.
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The ARES (American Real Estate Society) Spring conference is a supportive forum that brings together academia and industry professionals to engage in discussions on recent findings and opportunities in the industry. The theme for the 2025 conference is "Navigating Change in Real Estate: Past, Present, and Future," Which opens the floor to contribute to and discuss all topics that fall under this umbrella to make positive changes to the identity and make a real difference. Converse with scholars and experts in academia who welcome all insights and submissions on innovation to drive real change in real estate.
8 April 2025 - 12 April 2025
US$240.00 ~ US$850.00
Tucson, AZ, USA
Returning for its fourth year, the Quest Expo 2024 is a journey all alternative investors must embark on. This unique conference aims to deliver a wealth of possibilities for you to realize your potential. This year's expo promises to be bigger and better than its previous conferences, delivering more value to all attendees.

Not only can you engage with local and national exhibitors, but you can also enhance your knowledge and learn more from experienced professionals while soaking up their invaluable wisdom thanks to more than 35 keynote speeches. Head to this three-day event to help you build contacts, discover creative investment strategies, and have fun!

27 June 2024 - 29 June 2024
US$350.00 ~ US$850.00
Las Colinas, TX, USA
Apartmentalize is run by the National Apartment Association and is the leading conference for innovators, trendsetters, investors, and more in the apartment rental industry. Apartment living is a unique investment, and enhancing our investment, developing skills, and learning new skills and methodologies to improve what you do is vital to staying relevant and profitable. The unstoppable energy of Apartmentalize allows you to meet with like-minded individuals, experts, and decision-makers while forging new relationships and making vital connections to further your property rental career.
19 June 2024 - 21 June 2024
Philadelphia, PA, USA
The iOi Summit, brought to you by PropTech, brings together the brightest minds and the most innovative advancements in real estate and associated technologies. A space where innovators, investors, and real estate professionals can converge to discover groundbreaking technology and develop relationships, this summit is designed to help facilitate change within the industry and drive disruption to make improvements across the board. Dive into the biggest problems facing the real estate industry and get a look at how the future looks at the innovation opportunity summit.

28 August 2024 - 29 August 2024
US$599.00 ~ US$749.00
Chicago, IL, USA
Luxury real estate is an elite sub-section of the real estate market that needs to offer something truly elevated. The Inman Luxury Connect conference allows brokers and agents of luxury real estate to enhance the market and the experience for real professionals and buyers by optimizing each aspect of the buying process. Dive into this area of real estate, make valuable connections, and discover insights and skills that can elevate your game. Perfect for brokers and agents, the Inman Luxury Connect experience is designed for all real estate professionals in the field of luxury real estate.
29 July 2024 - 30 July 2024
US$899.00 ~ US$1597.00
Las Vegas, NV, USA