Real Estate Investment Summit 2024

17 March 2024 – 19 March 2024

US$2495.00 ~ US$2495.00

Hilton West Palm Beach, FL, USA

The summit will bond the Real Estate Funds, Family Offices, Institutional Investors, as well as Real Estate Developers and Service Providers, fostering networking and the exchange of best practices. Real Estate plays a crucial role in both the U.S. and the Global Economy. The ongoing debate surrounding office versus remote work, the increased desire for homeownership, the sequential need to enhance the supply chain, and industrial capacity due to the growing e-commerce sector have positioned the real estate industry at a critical juncture. This juncture presents distinctive opportunities and challenges for real estate investors and managers. Attendees are invited to join and engage in networking opportunities while listening to insights from Senior Real Estate Executives and Institutional Investors discussing the future of real estate, and their strategies for navigating and investing in this 'new' market environment.

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